Previous research on Health, Wellness, Medical and Spa tourism


We initiated and carried out the first global forecast for wellness tourism in 2011. The research was titled as 4WR: Wellness for Whom, Where and What. Wellness Tourism 2020. The 4WR: Wellness for Whom, Where and What? Wellness Travel 2020 Full Report is a research report presenting the biggest opportunities in wellness tourism (including international and domestic travel) over the next 10 years. 4WR collected information from 140 visionaries representing stakeholders from wellness, tourism, spa and healthcare industries in over 50 countries worldwide.

The research was prepared in cooperation with the Hungarian National Tourist Office. You can download the report here.


We were assigned by the Global Spa Summit to prepare a report on the role of spas in travelling for health. The global report titled Wellness Tourism and Medical Tourism: Where do Spas Fit? was presented at the 2011 Global Spa Summit in Bali. The study provides an overview of what kind of roles and positions spas may plan in wellness and medical tourism. The analysis besides the global overview discussed the experiences and developments from 12 countries that play leading role in wellness or medical tourism. You can download the report here.


TOHWS initiated the first study on the role of yoga in tourism. The report analysed the motivations and activities of Hungarian yoga travellers. You can download the report here.