Spa, Experiences and Spa tourism

The spa industry is one of the world booming and rather rapidly changing industries. We can find numerous types of spas, spa hotels and resorts in almost every destination. One of the key challenges is what makes a spa unique?

Visitors may travel long way for a spa or more like for a special spa experience and they are less and less interested in copycats. It is difficult, however, to identify applicable experiences.

Based on more than 20 years experience in the consulting of spa industry from thermal springs to hotel spas we can help spa developers and operators. Creative ideas based on local resources? Our advisory team have helped developers finalising the spa, provided spa operators with suggestions on experience enhancement and have analysed the market and identified segments and visitor profiles. We believe that advisory is more than just creating interesting ideas. At Xellum these solutions are based on comprehensive research that includes cross-industrial data collection and analysis.

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