Trainings (custom made programmes)

The field of travelling for health has been changing at a very fast speed. New products have been developed, and new segments enter the market. To keep up with the changes, probably the most efficient alternative is to organize, or to participate in specially orchestrated or custom made training programmes.

We are proud that TOHWS team have been involved in many training programmes in the last few years. We provided trainings and workshops in the following topics:

  • product development

  • benchmarking

  • marketing and branding

  • experience mapping and development

We developed and delivered training programmes for the following partner organizations:

  • TVet (2012, Cairo, Egypt)

  • Top Spafest (2012, Antalya, Turkey)

  • Latvian Wellness Tourism Cluster (2012, Jurmala, Latvia)

  • Iceland of Health (2012, Reykjavik, Iceland)

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