The Experience Gym - Experience planning and development

We live in a society and economy of experiences – that is what we look for in our travels. That is evident. Still, it is a question how we should design the experience when building a bath, taking into consideration the needs and safety of the targeted segment; or how the experience should be guided in a museum with the parallel aims of education and entertainment. What can medieval ruins or heritage buildings offer; and how should hotel experience be if we want something unique and enduring? László Puczkó PhD (co-author of From Attraction to Experience) has been dealing with these questions for decades, believing that being familiar with international examples is only the beginning: the value of development does not depend on copying, but on offering something surprisingly new, in accordance with the international trends, but also knowing that not always the most expensive solutions are the best.

The beauty and professional challenge of attractions lies in the fact that in an ideal case they are able to provide unique experience for the visitors. Through our work we have participated in making numerous museums more visitor-friendly; and also designed display programs for attractions.

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