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How does project realisation start at the TOHWS team?
Our first and most important credo is ’Appreciative attention’, as the key is to understand and analyse the aim of a project and its significance to our client. We believe that there is more in our expertise than the accomplishment of a list of tasks.

For this reason, TOHWS prepares project-specific solutions in each and every case.

  • Every project’s aim is to be defined in one sentence, and that is we can help our client in.

  • We treat every project differently (we don’t apply mere patterns).

  • We seek alternative solutions and not patterns, and we combine our knowledge of the market, creativity and the accuracy of academic knowledge.

Our principle is that developing strategies is the result of co-thinking of the concerned parties. Based on the information about the national and international market, our prognostic ability and creativity, we formulate realistic aims together with our client. These would be parted into feasible steps and would lead the work of the developers or other decision-makers (such as destination-management organisations, or national organisations).

We believe that our valid surveys and creative problem-solving help us to develop concepts, plans and strategies that are both feasible and sustainable in the long run.

We work in various strategy-development fields:

  • Marketing-strategy (e.g.: STP – segmentation, training target audience, positioning, e-marketing) and tactical consulting (product-development, communication, sales, price)

  • Facility-development (e.g.: market and financial feasibility study, financial planning)

  • Service and product development (e.g.: health tourism product: holistic resort)

  • Attraction and experience planning (e.g.: spa experience story-matrix, interpretation methods)

  • Scaling human resources competitiveness (e.g.: professional trainings)

Please find further information on our methods and specialties on our links. Let us ask and help you to answer.

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Baltic Health Tourism - Conceptual Study

TOHWS has been invited to carrie out a conceptual study on the possibilities and directions of a joint health tourism strategy for the three Baltic countries (i.e. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). The conceptual study was completed and the parties are now discussing further steps and implementation alternatives.

TOWHS has been invited by BKF University of Applied Sciences (Budapest) to participate in a 2 year project. The pathmaking study analyses the natural and cultural assets and heritage of the 11 Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey).

With international experts on the team, the research project has two main priorities over a period of more than two years: the collection of the cultural and natural treasures of the Balkan region and the development of marketable health tourism products and info-communications solutions based on the material collected. The results are supposed to offer the base for the so-called Balkan Wellbeing defined along product concepts building on the characteristic values and natural gifts of the region targeting tourists who travel with the aim of preserving their health or treating health problems.