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Almost everyone likes travelling: for reasons of curiosity, business, family visits or health. Tourism, the profession of travelling anticipates experience and knowledge of various fields from both the developers and the operators. The role of the consultant is to give reliable, professional support and advice.

Many agree that tourism development can be the way out of the crisis, a way to break forth. The Xellum team fully agrees, with one additional note: it does matter where, what and for whom it’s developed.

We have worked on projects of various kinds: ones that were aimed at the development of disadvantaged areas; or at the conceptualization of a new mega-project in the Middle-East; or ones that were to modernize museums’ interpretation practices and professional experience mapping and design; and we have also lead multinational surveys that served the base of airport services improvement.

Still, what is common, why do our clients choose us?

  • Seeing the whole picture: Xellum provides unique solutions through the review of the whole travel and tourism industry, from air transport to hotels, from spas to museums.

  • Appreciative attention: Our novelty is that we ask before we advise: For who? Why? What? How? For how much? These questions seem to be basic and obvious, but answering them often causes difficulty for the partners – and that is what Xellum can help in. Our clients like our appreciative attention exactly because expertise means not a mere solution, but one that saves money and time.

  • More than 15 years of experience: We have worked on more than a hundred projects of a variety of challenges in the past 15 years.

  • A high-standard of up-to-date knowledge: Our colleagues continuously study the latest trends and attend the most significant professional and academic conferences, so that they would know the most important changes and present the results of their own research.

  • We develop novelty: Our own developments include Hungarian Hotel Monitor that analyses the daily performance of the Hungarian hotel market. Our Destination Impact Model is a uniquely detailed one in Europe, while TQoL Budapest Model (Tourism-specific Quality of Life Index), our co-authored development is a pioneer solution in the field. We are present in the most significant organisations of world tourism, while László Puczkó PhD is the founder of the global initiative The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa.

  • Creativity and critical thinking: We know the difference between the notions and practice of ‘copy and apply’ and ‘apply to given challenge’, and based on our own ideas and critical market approach we always offer the latter to our clients.

  • Academic accuracy: Our surveys are valid and reliable, as the members of our team are also present in academic life with their research experience of national and international doctorate schools.

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