I have recently finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier at Home. Many of you will be familiar with her bestseller The Happiness Project. I started reading this book at an interesting time of year. It is the time when I...[more]


This is the first entry of the Tourism Observatory’s new Blog which I will be contributing to on a regular basis from this week onwards. We hope to stimulate some interesting debates, so please do comment when you have time.



Was absolutely blown away by the introduction of the 'Balkan Spa Forest Hammam' concept at the 3rg Balkan Spa Summit (Arandelovac, Serbia). Would you have thought that this would include natural, ethnology, heritage and health?...[more]


We are absolutely delighted that a new project is about to start which aims at the analysis of local wellbeing concepts. These concepts are rather fashionable nowadays: Alpine Wellness, Nordic Wellbeing, or Balkan Spa just naming...[more]


We are working on the second and revised edition of our book on travelling for health.[more]


Here is what we said about what kind of wellness and spa services can be popular and shape the wellness and spa tourism industry by 2015.[more]

Global Spa & Wellness Tourism Monitor 2013


The global benchmark study

The Global Spa & Wellness Tourism Monitor 2013 is an initiative we wanted to to for many years. Still, we could not do it before due to various reasons, e.g. due to unethical acts of then business partners. Good 12 months ago inspite of all odds had started preparations. We talked to internaitonal companies and organizations, and to national associations. We discussed the key topics of the Monitor with colleagues from industry and academia alike. Tested the tool. And then, some 8 months ago we launched the data collection, which took some 4 months to complete. We do thank our 50+ industry partners for their support and the endorsement. We thank all 420+ respondents for their time and interest. After several weeks of analysis and synthesis we are proud to announce the final product, which is we believe is the fist global benchmark study on the industry. Make sure you download the Press Release and the Infographics!

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