I have recently finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier at Home. Many of you will be familiar with her bestseller The Happiness Project. I started reading this book at an interesting time of year. It is the time when I...[more]


This is the first entry of the Tourism Observatory’s new Blog which I will be contributing to on a regular basis from this week onwards. We hope to stimulate some interesting debates, so please do comment when you have time.



Was absolutely blown away by the introduction of the 'Balkan Spa Forest Hammam' concept at the 3rg Balkan Spa Summit (Arandelovac, Serbia). Would you have thought that this would include natural, ethnology, heritage and health?...[more]


We are absolutely delighted that a new project is about to start which aims at the analysis of local wellbeing concepts. These concepts are rather fashionable nowadays: Alpine Wellness, Nordic Wellbeing, or Balkan Spa just naming...[more]


We are working on the second and revised edition of our book on travelling for health.[more]


Here is what we said about what kind of wellness and spa services can be popular and shape the wellness and spa tourism industry by 2015.[more]

What will be popular in the wellness spa tourism industry by 2015


Here is what we said about what kind of wellness and spa services can be popular and shape the wellness and spa tourism industry by 2015.

The world of travelling for health is rather complex and has rather limited global information available about it. To overcome this gap we run our first global survey on how wellness and spa services and facilities are likely to evolve some two years ago. We published the most important findings of this global project (see downloadable materials). Before we publish the findings of our next global survey, the results of the Global Wellness and Spa Tourism Monitor 2012, we would like to refresh our memories about the research results from two years ago. Why? Because we can already see that the forecast back in 2011 seems to be a rather spot on one already! More about that later.

Here is what we said about what kind of wellness and spa services can be popular and shape the wellness and spa tourism industry by 2015.

  1. Wellness service providers will more and more beyond spas and we will see the arrival of new tourism services such as escapes, hideaways, refuges or retreats. These are more than just brand differentiating labels. These facilities take the concept of holistic or total health into consideration when they define what kind of services to be offered.
  2. The ecological and green movement will arrive (and stay) in the wellness and spa tourism industry. This means more than just facial creams with an eco-label, but more like the application of green economy to wellness and spa facilities.
  3. Local assets have already gained popularity in many countries. Since they can come in many shapes and forms, e.g. natural remedies, wellness or lifestyle based rituals or food items; these can become the foundations for destinations creating competitive advantage. Evidence-based wellness services mean interventions for which there is proven scientific evidence consistently showing that they improve and how they improve patient outcomes across larger populations
  4. Changing existing lifestyle patterns and promoting the concept of total health is one of the key challenges as well as opportunities wellness and spa facilities can do for regular or to one-off tourists. Especially, that customers practicing wellness or spa lifestyle would also like to do the same while travelling. The theory and practice of segmentation has been changing. The results, i.e. new segmentation methods, such as lifestyle-based segmentation should also be applied by wellness and spa facilities. Besides, there are new and lucrative segments, such as men, Gen Z or Y, singles who can and should be addressed and targeted.
  5. New, cross-over and fusion products can represent innovation and creativity in wellness and spa tourism. Unusual services, combining East and West, like a Feng-shui sauna can create a unique attraction to many customers.
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